Re-Imagining the Bachelorette: 5 Tips from Ohhh Canada on Celebrating Your Bride-to-Be

Recently we ran a decadent faux bachelorette party for a room full of our media friends at The Spoke Club in Toronto, Canada with the aim of showing what a bachelorette party could be. Don't get me wrong, penis straws and big cheesy banners can be a lot of fun... but as someone who has been the "infotainment" at dozens of bachelorette parties over the last few years; the silly throw-away elements are passé.Speaking of old, lots of us are getting married in our thirties (and no, I don't think thirty is old...I'm just joking around here); and since that's  by..  - Read More

Win a $100 Gift Certificate & Celebrate WORLD PRIDE with Ohhh Canada

Happy World Pride! We are so very proud to be based in Toronto, Canada, the site of this year's World Pride celebrations. Toronto is a GREAT place to be proud... whomever you are, and whatever your preferences. The city is ALIVE with celebrations. To help you celebrate, we're giving away a $100 gift certificate to Ohhh Canada - which can be used in-store or online (and we ship to both Canada & the US). Here's how to enter (pick any one of the options below - you'll get a daily entry for every single one you complete): 1) Follow us..  - Read More

10 Simple Ways to Get Your Mojo Back (For Men)

Gentlemen, it's time to get your sexy back. Chase away your case of the blah's and start feeling like your sexy, confident self again. While you can't be expected to be Mr. Suave every day, little tricks, tips and changes can have a big impact on how you feel about yourself. And of course, like all advice pm sexiness - do what makes sense for you. 1) Do some manscaping. Whatever you do that makes you feel good - do it on the regular. If that's nothing but a great wash and a trim, then perfecto. If you feel better when..  - Read More

10 Simple Ways to Get Your Sexy Back (for Women)

Hey, we all lose our mojo at some point or another. It's pretty hard to feel sexy all the damn time, because, well, life happens. And it's even more difficult to maintain our groove if we think we should feel like our sexy selves all the time...and feel bad about ourselves when we don't. Our sexual energy doesn't work that way, though - it can't just be turned on and off like a light switch. But here's some good news - there are lots of simple little things you can do to get your sexy back. Here are some ideas..  - Read More

Just Ask Kat: Sex Toy Talk With a Reluctant Partner

Question: My new boyfriend isn't comfortable with toys because he feels like he should be enough for me. But I really like using a vibrator during sex... what should I do? Hiya, and thanks for writing in. First of all, it's really common for a partner to be intimidated by a sex toy... our lovers can sometimes feel like if we want to use "accessories," that they just aren't good enough. We hear this all the time in the store, and I am privy to all kinds of variations on this same story when I speak publicly about sexy stuff...  - Read More

Sexy Speaker Spotlight: Pastel Supernova

Pastel Supernova describes herself as "the atomic bomb in your heart," which is probably the best tag line ever for a petite burlesque bombshell! Ohhh Canada is extremely happy to have her on board for our next Sexy Spring Workshop, "Bedroom Characters," which is this upcoming Monday. Of course we had to ask her a few questions to get a sneak peek! Who are your favourite pin-up artists and/or real-life pin-up dolls?  I often look back to Sophia Loren's early modeling work, Bridget Bardot, Bettie Page, Miss Piggy, Betty Boop... These are a few icons I love and refer to..  - Read More


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