Fascinator Fluffy Sex Blanket Throe by Liberator

by Liberator
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Come on, you know that no one wants to sleep in the wet spots.  With the Fascinator Throe (WTF is a "throe"... throw?), you can protect your expensive down duvet, your carpet or anywhere you else you feel like getting frisky.

Details, details...

- Made of three layers - a waterproof layer sandwiched between a fluffy soft layer and a silky smooth satin layer; either way you use it oils, lubes and any other fluids won't get through to the other side

- Not just for sex - can be used for massages, too and even just to cuddle on the couch!

- Fully machine washable - just toss it in to the washing machine and then the dryer... no, really!  It will be fine (we promise!)

- Materials feel luxurious against the skin

- 65 by 45" gives you a large playing surface

- currently available in black, tan and purple with more colours to come!

- makes a great gift for him or her!

Sexy Review:

Walking into the bedroom on Mother's Day and asking (perhaps demanding) our partners for what WE want. [...] To make this all-about-me fantasy into a reality, I consulted with the good people at OhhhCanada.ca. Together we cameup with the perfect sexual self-confidence Mother’s Day package. It's only four steps. Step One: GET YOUR PC MUSCLE GROOVE :[...] Not sure how? Try the Canadian made MAGIC BANANA (you just have to love that name!) Step Two: GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND INTO YOUR BODY:  put on a beautiful robe and give your skin an all over silk bath. As you can see (yes, this is me modeling) this is a lucious Baci Satin Kimono in Leopard.STEP THREE: PUUUURRRRRR, CARESS YOUR BODY: lying on this luxurious Liberator Throe. [...] The Liberator Throe is machine-washable so rub your whole body around. It feels good to be bad! STEP FOUR: WAKE UP YOUR OTHER SENSES: This lickable Massage Bar is like a three-for-one sensation—you smell fantastic, you taste great and you feel lovely. Lickable Massage Barsare available in nine flavours and are made from all-natural ingredients tastes sweet as it's sweetend with all-natural stevia (suitable for diabetics and calorie-free).

Blogger's name: Trina Read
Title of the blog post: Erica Ehm's Yummy Mummy Club
Title of the blog: Give Yourself the Perfect Mother's Day Gift
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