Make 2015 Your Sexiest Year Yet: Resolutions for a Better Sex Life & a Happier You

We throw around the word "sexy" a lot. When I talk about "expressing your sexy," I'm not suggesting adopting someone else's ideals, but that inner butterfly-filled, powerful "I'm awesome" feeling that runs from your soul to your loins to your core and can be seen in your eyes. You know, that feeling that you can conquer the world and look amazing while you're doing it. Feeling sexy, being sexy, living sexy - these things are all subjective. My mission as a sexpert is to help others be sexy on their own terms. With that being said, I offer you some simple ideas that have worked for me and worked for others; implement the tips you like, discard the rest...and may your 2015 be your sexiest year yet.

Sexpert Kat Sex Tips

Indulge your vanity.
Maybe it's a spa day, some hot lingerie (or Naked Underwear for guys), or a hot new pair of shoes. Whatever it is, treat yourself and don't feel bad about it. I get it, your new panty purchase isn't going to save the world. But it's also sending a subconscious message to yourself that you're investing in your own sexiness.

Take a breather.
Soak in your tub with some bath salts, light some candles and enjoy some downtime. No one feels their sexiest when they're in a perpetual state of rushing from one task to the next. Be kind to yourself.

Reconnect with your honey.
If you have a partner (or partners) rekindle the romance with her or him with simple acts like a squeeze of the hand, a quick shoulder massage or a surprise kiss. In addition to building intimacy between you, these easy gestures are just as effective in boosting the libido of the giver as the recipient. Riding solo? Activate your inner Don Juan de Marco or pin-up girl and flirt with the hottie you meet on the subway.

Get sweaty.
It's been proven that exercise increases your sex drive. It increases circulation (hello gorgeous glow), improves confidence (regardless of the actual fitness results), and decreases cortisol levels in the body which are responsible for making you feel stressed out. Win-win-win. 

Be adventurous.
Whatever you're planning for 2015, push yourself outside of your comfort zone a little bit. Whether that means trying something kinky-to-you in the bedroom, or learning how to rock climb, trying new things feels exciting and well... sexy.

Eat your way to sexy feelings.
Who doesn't love THAT piece of advice? Many nutritionists and other experts recommend foods that are high in zinc like red meat for boosting libido. Vegetarians you'll be happy to know, though that broccoli, ginseng, cloves and many other foods are animal-free and apparently just as effective. Regardless, some advice all of us can agree on - watch your intake of mood-busting foods like sugar-laden baked goods and heavily processed foods. Sugar highs can be fun but the corresponding crash is sure to kill a sexy mood. And if you need some extra help here, check out a specialist who focuses in on exactly this - feeling sexier through better food choices.

Talk to yourself.
Give yourself the compliments you deserve. Instead of focusing on all the things you want to change about yourself, focus on the things you LOVE about yourself. Make a list of all the things you find sexy about yourself, and review it weekly or whenever you're in need a mojo booster. Need even more inspiration? Ask a trusted friend who always makes you feel good about yourself to add things to your list that he or she has noticed about you (and be sure to return the favour). You're already damn sexy - it's about time you gave yourself some credit.


As the New Year draws closer, what are some of your sexy resolutions? Are you resolving to have more sex? Be more connected? Give us your tips in the comments below, and we'll help share them with the world through our Twitter and Facebook pages. We'd love to hear from you.

About the Author

Katrina McKay is the CEO and Founder of Ohhh Canada, Canada's favourite store for everything you need to "express your sexy." You can hear her regularly on the radio, and read interviews with her in newspapers and magazines such as Huffington Post, Elle Canada, Toronto Sun and more. You can also read more about her on the Kat the Sexpert site.

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