Sexy Sites We Love - Part 1

Welcome to our very first Ohhh Canada blog post! This blog is dedicated to healthy sexuality and adult play...  written by Canadians, for Canadians (just like our shop!).  To begin, here are our favourite sex info resources...

Sex Life Canada

This is one of the most comprehensive sex-positive sites out there... and it's Canadian!  There are self-help articles, Q&As, news, polls... just about everything.  In particular, check out "Advice for the Sexy Masses" by Kat de Vries. This site is thought-provoking and has plenty of content to keep you reading about sex all day long (what could be better?)

The Sexies

At Ohhh Canada, we're all about positive, healthy sexuality.  The Sex Positive Journalism Awards, or the "Sexies" promotes open-mindedness and sexual tolerance through media representation.  What a great organization!


A website for teens and young people that presents "real world" sex ed... The articles are well-written and the tone is edgy and straight-up.  There should be more sites like this.  It's gold.  If you have a teen-aged son or daughter you should send them this site.  In fact, a lot of the articles on the site are great for people of any age... like this one on oxytocin.

 Have a great site you think we should include?  Please leave a comment here!

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