What does it mean to be an Ohhh Girl?

It's been a long time since my team and I updated this blog... way too long.  The truth is that you, our wonderful customers, have been keeping us on our toes... in the best way!  Thank you so much for all of your product suggestions, positive feedback and, of course, your business.

A few months ago, we participated in an event called La Tease run by DivaGirl and ShopSocials.  In addition to showcasing our high end sexy toys, we also debuted our lingerie collection.  The collection was modeled by... wait for it... not professional models, but three really beautiful (and very brave) friends of mine, picked for their je ne sais quoi and their diverse styles.

These three girls - Jess I., Samantha M. and Kitty L. - have become affectionately known to me as the Ohhh Girls.  These girls got standing ovations.  These girls got noticed.  These girls... rocked the catwalk, baby.

Photo Courtesy of DivaGirlInc

So what does it take to be an Ohhh Girl?  What does it take to parade through a room full of 200 women wearing nothing but a fishnet bodystocking and a hot bra on behalf of your crazy friend's sex toy company?

Does it take a perfect body?  - No.  (Although make no mistake, these girls are smokin' hot...  I mean look at them... Drool...)

Does it take professional modelling experience and a perfect model walk?  - No, again.

How about a stoic bitchy "I don't care what you think" attitude? - Not even close.

What it takes to be an Ohhh Girl, a real authentic Ohhh Girl, and what all of these girls possess is the courage and confidence to be their sexy selves.  To "work it" the way only each one of them knows how.  To make lingerie work for them.  To show off their best assets, and feel on top of the world because they know that they deserve to be not just loved, but absolutely adored from head to toe.  To be unafraid of their sexual and sensual selves.

I remain very much inspired by each of them. Based on the feedback I got that night, I know that they touched the hearts and sparked the imaginations of many of the women there that night.  And I hope that this little post has inspired you to express your sexy side, too.  Go forth... be an Ohhh Girl yourself!

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