A Few of the Sexpreneur's Favourite Things

As you may have guessed already, raindrops on roses don't exactly number amongst my favourite things.  As I'm often asked what MY favourite products are, and what products I give as gifts to friends, I thought I would write a blog about it and share it all with you. The truth is that we add new products to the Ohhh catalogue all the time, so my favourites get updated...  Believe it or not, there are such things as trends in adult toys.  Nonetheless, as it stands on this muggy Toronto night, these are a few of my favourite things...

Lelo Liv in Lime (for my girlfriends' birthdays)

I often give this little number to the women in my life.  If one of my girlfriends has a birthday, this is normally what she gets.  Everything by Lelo is high quality, and this product is no exception.  It's pretty, it's modern-looking, it's Scandinavian.  It has a slight curve for some great g-spot action and it has lots of modes.  It's rechargeable.  Oh, and while it's charging it looks a bit like an MP3 player.  No joke.  It's also beautifully packaged, which I like especially for gift giving.

Afterglow Massage Oil Candles (as hostess gifts)

Anyone who has been to my home office and condo in downtown Toronto knows that I burn these almost incessantly.  I always have one going.  My fave scent is Milk Chocolate, although I dig the others as well.  Cucumber Water smells like "spa" to me.  They're also my favourite hostess gift... they're not too sexy, but still a little sexy.  I often use the massage oil on myself after a bath, and I've encouraged my gift recipients to do the same.

Blossom Organics Moisturizing Lubricant (for anyone who's sensitive like me)

I have pretty sensitive skin, and I seem to be randomly allergic to really random substances.  So as you can imagine, I'm quite sensitive a-hem below as well.  This is where Blossom O's (note I didn't shorten it to BO... hahahahaha) lube is best.  It's really gentle and aloe-based.  It's what I recommend whenever someone asks me about a non-irritating lube.  And we were one of the first companies in Canada to carry it (and still the best one to carry it!  Or so my mother tells me)

Fishnet Bodystocking with Pink Trim (for girlies looking for unusual knock his-or-her-socks-off lingerie)

When my girlfriends ask me what to wear under their LBD's to really wow him (or her), I tell them to skip the panties (as in both, don't fuss over your panties, and also don't wear any at all) and go for a fishnet bodystocking.  You can wear it underneath and he'll think you're just sporting a sexy pair of fishnets.  But when he (or she) pulls that dress over your head, it has a wow factor that simply cannot be accomplished by a simple bra-and-panties duo.  And if you really want to play it up, you can add some nipple pasties in there, too.

Glass Ben Wa Balls with Flowers (for yummy mummies)

My yummy mummy friends all seem to want to tighten things up down there.  And ben wa balls are a great way to do that.  I really like glass because it's easy to clean, so I'll always vouch for glass.  And these are really pretty and rather inexpensive, too. They get good reviews from my friends and my customers.

Tenga Eggs (for the guys in my life)

If I'm going to give a guy a sex toy as a gift, it's usually a Tenga egg.  It's not over-the-top (read: it doesn't really look like anything... well except an Easter egg), and they're high quality.  They don't require a lot of explanation, and they're a fun treat.  They're a very "non-serious" toy (my vocabulary is outstanding is it not?  It might shock you to know that I'm actually a writer in my spare time... no, really, I is!).  I also find it kind of fun to "slip a guy an egg" like it some sort of clandestine operation.  Oh, and lots of my female customers have bought these for their male partners.  Oftentimes they'll buy one to try it out and order a whole 6-pack from us the next month.  Can't say that I blame them.  If I had the right equipment to use this toy I think this would be my fave, too.

So many great products...  more blog post like this to come.  Thanks for reading. xoxo

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