Checklist for a Sexy Weekend Night

In my last blog post I listed the sex toys and accessories I normally give as gifts.  This time around, let me share my prescription for a sexy weekend night with you...

Accessories for Setting the Mood

Nothing beats the Jimmyjane Afterglow candles in my book.  They smell decadent and everyone looks good in flickering candle light (and therefore often feels and acts a little braver).  These are my fave for setting up my condo for a rendez-vous with my partner.  I don't often use the massage oil (except on myself after a bath), not because it's not amazing but because I just love the smell and the light... plain and simple.

Prelude to a ...  "Kiss"

I admit it, I'm a great masseuse.  I don't have any training, but I have lots of practice.  I like the massage oil bars by Sexy Living that we carry because they melt with body heat, and they aren't at all messy.  They smell divine (After Midnight is my favourite because it's gender neutral) and leaning down to kiss your partner's skin afterwards is a delicious affair (they're lickable - sweetened with stevia).  The oil from the bar lasts a really long time on the skin, and the all natural ingredients make excellent moisturizers.  And giving a massage is so romantic.  It's a great prelude to a ...  

Have it On Hand

It's always good to have lube, condoms, cock rings and anything else you might need nearby, as well as a soft hand towel.  For lube, I like Blossom Organics best, with Good Clean Love coming in a close second.  It's really up to personal preference.  Both Blossom O and GCL are all natural and condom safe.  Good Clean Love has some great flavours.  Whatever lube you choose, it's a good idea to have it close by so that the mood doesn't get spoiled as you rummage around trying to figure out where you put it.  Same goes for all of the other essentials mentioned above.

Hide it Under Your Mattress

If you really want to spice things up, I highly recommend a little prep - get the Under the Bed Restraint System by Sportsheets and slip it under your mattress.  It's really easy and fast to do...  If you can lift up one corner of your mattress at a time, you can do it on your own.  Once you have it "installed" if I can even call it that, slip the cuffs between your bedframe and the mattress so that they're hidden from view.  Then when you lead your honey to bed, he or she will be none the wiser.  Oh, and by the way you can heighten the experience even more, and up the surprise factor, if you blindfold them before you bust out the cuffs.  My fave is this leather mask which has a soft velvety side and keeps lots of skin exposed for facial smooching.  Yes, I really did just call it facial smooching.

Use Your Imagination

Use your toys, use your body, but most of all... use your mind!  Have fun and let you and your partner's fantasies be your guides.

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