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It's been awhile since I've updated this blog, but with good reasons (although my "reasons" sound an awful lot like excuses... a-hem).  The Ohhh team has been really busy adding new products to our catalogue and expanding our lingerie offerings.  We've also hired new staff, gone on some field trips and signed up to exhibit at some events!  Here's the run-down...

New Products

We now carry a number of products made by Kama Sutra, including some really great gift sets.  My favourite is the Getaway Kit, but I'm a girly-girl at heart, so bare that in mind.  Kama Sutra products tend to be more "romantic" than "naughty" (although it pains me greatly to create such a harsh distinction between the two).  We're also one of the first shops in Canada to carry any of the Tenga 3D series - we saw these in Las Vegas and just HAD to get them.  If you're a man or you're shopping for a gift for a sexy man, then you really can't beat the 3D.  We've also greatly expanded our lingerie catalogue - and our prices are very good ( as low as $20 for a bra!).  A number of these additions came post-Vegas trip where a couple of the Ohhh team attended the International Lingerie Show as an invited buyer to scope out the newest and greatest and grow what we offer here at Ohhh.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  If you haven't looked through our catalogue in a while, you might want to give it a glance - we've added new products in pretty much every category.  We've also created some sections with holiday gift ideas for you - including gifts for him, luxury gifts for her and gifts & stocking stuffers under $15.


Kama Sutra Getaway Kit

What I'm Using/Trying/Wearing

I often get emails from customers asking me what products I personally use and love.  I'm happy to answer each email individually, but hey, thought I'd share generally.  


Kissaholic Plumping Aphrodisiac Lip Gloss in Throb

Lately, I've been rocking the Kissaholic Plumping Lip Gloss in Throb.  It's a cherry red colour that makes my lips pop and it has a cinnamon flavour.  I did, however, notice that I actually ate all of the gloss of my lips one day when I was reading my Kindle.  It really does taste that good!  It's also a great breath freshener when you suddenly realize that the pack of gum in your purse is empty (the horror!) and you just ate a big Greek salad with onions (double horror).

I also can't get enough of the Afterglow Massage Oil candles.  I feel like I mention these candles in every blog post, but they really are that good.  I use them to massage my very lucky boyfriend, but I also use them on myself after I get out of the bath.  They'll scent a whole room with a decadent dessert-like aroma.  The milk chocolate one is my calorie-free indulgence.

As for lingerie, I am loving this bra.  It is vintage-inspired and looks a bit like men's suiting, but with lots of girly black lace.  It's also comfortable which you would NOT think to look at it.  I wear it with the matching panties.

Coochy Cream.  Terrible name, great product.  Admittedly, the green tea version that I opt for doesn't really smell like green tea.  It just smells clean, but I'm good with that.  I have the most sensitive skin in the world, and I really do best shaving with this lotion, hot water from the shower and brand new razor.  If you have problems with razor burn (whether you're a girl or a guy), I highly recommend you try this product.  You can also use it as a pubic hair conditioner to make the hair down there softer and more touchable.

By way of gifts, my girlfriends are getting one of these little babies.  Bright orange, super cute g-spot vibes that are made of high quality silicone.

New Ohhh Staff

We've recently hired the very talented Simone Yu to focus on our online "stuff" including the way this site works and some marketing stuff and things.  Exciting!  We've also moved all of our inventory to a new warehouse location in Mississauga and hired a shipping and logistics manager who for the time being will remain anonymous... but only because I want to dedicate a blog post just to her!

New Site Features

When one of us is online (usually, but not always me), you can chat live one-on-one and ask questions about sex toys (even stuff we don't carry!) or about Ohhh in general.  Just look for the little button on the top right of every page called "Live Chat".  And just like the emails you send us, your privacy is guaranteed - everything stays between you and the Ohhh employee you're connected via chat to.

We now offer gift wrapping!  This includes sexy red paper and hand tied big black organza bows.

Lastly, you can create a Wishlist of things you want to buy for others or for yourself, and even send it off to your lover if she or he needs some help in the gift-buying department.  Just look for the "Add to Wishlist" buttons on every product page.


If you're female and in the Toronto area, come and see us at the Cookies & Champagne event on November 29th. We'll have the full Tantus Little Secrets line and the Kissaholic lip glosses for you to demo.  You can get your tix here.  We're also featured in HuG's Gift Guide this year... yay us!

And if you're looking for a place to show off your Ohhh lingerie and your freshly plumped lips, why not sign up for one of the few remaining places at Jennifer Ballard Photography's Boudoir Marathon on November 26th or 27th?


That's all for now.  Thanks for reading and for being a friend of Ohhh. Questions and love mail can all be directed to xoxoxo

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