Making Last Minute Shopping a Little Sexier

Are you like me and still have some last-minute holiday shopping still to do?  Well, have no fear - I have some tips and tricks that will save you some stress and maybe even some of your hard-earned dough... AND keep you out of the dog house come Christmas morning (or whatever morning, depending on what you celebrate).

1)  It's not too late to place online orders (here at Ohhh and elsewhere), but lots of retailers offer different shipping options, so even if you've missed the cut-off for the cheapest option, you can still pick the next best one...  And this won't be an option a week from now.  Ohhh has various holiday shipping rates that are still in effect for the next few days - and they are cheaper for those in closer proximity to our warehouse (which is in Mississauga).  But the longer you wait, the fewer the options will be.  And hey, if you're really stressed about time, we can also gift wrap your items for you so that they arrive wrapped and ready to put under the tree (or under his/her pillow).  :)

2) Get a THOUGHTFUL gift certificate.  Yes, I know, I know, gift certificates are what you get people you don't know very well... not, your life partner or your wife.  I get that.  But there's a big difference with buying a gift certificate for say, a big department store that carries everything and a kewl local store that you know she loves (or even better... one that you've discovered for her!)  Ah yes, and we sell gift certificates, too -- and you can order those anytime and we'll email you the code!  One really fun and sexy idea is to buy him or her a gift certificate and write it into a well-chosen card along with some sexy suggestions as to what he or she might want to use it towards.


3) Plan a sexy night in or out and make that the gift.  Experiential gifts are where it's at if you want to show her (or him) what she means to you and how well you know her.  To make this a great gift, though (and not a super lame one), make sure you pick a date a week or two away and create a detailed plan.  The planning part also includes ordering anything and everything that you need to in advance... say, for example, a Fascinator Throe, a We-Vibe 3, lube and a massage oil candle.  It also means adding all of those touches that will make the experience super special for your recipient - like booking a reservation at a brand-new gluten-free restaurant, for example, if she has a wheat intolerance, or booking a private dance class if you know she loves to dance.

4) Print out a photo of the gift that's on its way and wrap it up in a proper gift box.  Then when it arrives it will be like Christmas all over again!  This also means you can take advantage of less expensive shipping options.  Hooray!

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