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The holiday season is now over, and it's been a VERY big year for Ohhh.  A HUGE thanks to all of our customers and friends for making the business a success.  I hope that in some small way we have helped you to express your sexual selves and feel good about your bodies.  For the record, we love bodies of all shapes and sizes!  (Plus-sized ladies, I feel you... we are still on the hunt for some gorgeous plus-sized lingerie...  This will take a couple of us to New York in February as buyers and plus sized fashions are at the top of the list.)

Secondly, my podcast ("my" = Katrina... Ohhh's owner) Kat Loves Sex has gained a lot of interest and popularity lately.  If you'd like an inside look into what my life is like as a sexpreneur, running Ohhh and doing the other things I do, I'd love for you to watch it.  It's not as risque as it sounds and focuses on sexy living, lifestyle design and entrepreneurship.  If you do enjoy it, please LIKE the Kat Loves Sex Facebook page to stay in the loop or subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

We've also been very lucky to have some exceptional bloggers review some of our products...

Skinny Dip
Recent reviews: 1) A Holiday Gift Guide to Make you Say Ohhh; 2) My Hoo-Ha Has Bad Taste in Music
Blog low-down:  Simone Katerine's blog is all about her life - including all the juicy details.  In addition to sex and relationships, she also writes about fashion (shoes!), music and food.  Besides which, she's just a damn good writer no matter what the subject matter.  Her Holiday Gift Guide features an honest review of the Kissaholic Plumping Aphrodisiac Lip Gloss in Tremble, Red Mesh Dress with Garters,  Thigh-High Fishnets and Blossom Organics Moisturizing Lubricant.  And the hilariously titled "My Hoo-Ha Has Bad Taste in Music" is all about the Naughtibod.
Links to the Products Mentioned Above: Kissaholic Plumping Aphrodisiac Lip Gloss; Red Mesh Dress with Garters; Thigh-High Fishnets; Blossom Organics Moisturizing Lubricant'; Naughtibod Music Vibrator

Not Your Mother's Playground
Recent reviews: 1) Toy Review: Lelo Liv; 2) Product Review: Condom Compact
Blog low-down:  Samantha Fraser is the mastermind behind NYMP; a blog about non-monogamy, love and sex.  She is also the author of an upcoming guide book on non-monogamy and a relationship and life coach.  Her review of the  and the  are both insightful and hilarious (see review links above).
Links to the Products Mentioned Above: Just in Case Condom Compact; Lelo Liv

HeyDoYou / Chillin' with Tash
Recent review: Holiday Gift Guide - or check out the same review on Tash's personal blog
Blog low-down: HeyDoYou focuses on all kinds of girly stuff that we love - fashion, shopping, music, culture, cool gadgets.  Tash's blog, is about all of this plus her life as an actress and lots of great entertainment reviews.  In her gift guide, you can check out her reviews of the Kissaholic Plumping Aphrodisiac Lip Gloss, the Under the Bed Restraint System by Sportsheets, a Tenga Egg and the Astrea I Vibrating Panty.
Links to the Products Mentioned Above: Kissaholic Plumping Lip Gloss in Throb; Under the Bed Restraint System, Tenga Eggs, Astrea I Vibrating Panty

Shopping Bitch
Recent review: Ohhh Canada (review of the Condom Compact)
Blog low-down: This blog's all about...  well, shopping!  And with a sense of humour to boot (and also... lots of boots, okay well shoes anyway...)
Links to the Products Mentioned Above: Just in Case Condom Compact

PLUS, we had the pleasure of sponsoring some of the costumes for Raymi the Minx's Elfettes Classic Burlesque Christmas Burlesque show at The Bovine in Toronto.  If you're not familiar with Raymi, she is a Toronto celebrity blogger based in Toronto, Canada - her blog packs a serious entertainment punch, so go on and have a read and enjoy!  And here's the post where Ohhh is mentioned.

Hope you've had a sexy start to the New Year!  We're working on getting all kinds of new products added to the catalogue in time for Valentines Day!  Keep checking the site for details.


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