Tips for a Sexier Spring

In most parts of our lovely country, it's starting to feel like spring.  To me, spring is a time of renewal, and a time to try new things...  I feel friskier in the spring, more playful.  How about you?  Do you feel renewed and refreshed at this time of the year?  Do you feel like you're ready for new challenges and new adventures?  If so, read on... I have some fun tips to help you get in tune with the season and sex things up a little for spring.

TIP #1 - Throw out the old crap you don't like anymore - including those ugly panties.

I'll admit this... I'm not much of a pack rat.  Maybe it's my constantly-on-the-go lifestyle, or my minimalist aesthetic, but I don't hold on to "stuff" that I don't want anymore.  I realize it's easier said than done for some of you.  But one place to start editing out the bad from the good is your underwear drawer.  There's no reason to keep ugly undies.  Say bye-bye to those granny panties with the stains (you KNOW what I'm talking about) and buy yourself some underthings that make you feel sexy instead.  There are lots and lots of choices on the market at all kinds of price ranges.  I really like these black mesh panties with pink trim.  They're cute, they're sexy, and they're breathable.  You can wear 'em all day, and when the pants come off at night they're boudoir-worthy, too.

TIP #2 - Do "the dirty" somewhere a little dirty.

As the weather starts to get warmer, head outside for some adult playtime.  Yeah, you have to be careful, obviously (not the best time for loud pornstar-worthy orgasm noises).  And you need to pick your location wisely.  But even in busy cities there are often quiet corners of parks amidst strands of trees that serve for a quick rendez-vous.  A change of scenery can be tremendous fun, and can liven up routines that might be getting just a little dull.  And if you want to make the whole experience more comfortable, I highly recommend a fascinator throe; they were originally designed to be used to protect your sheets from sex lubes and other naturally occurring sexy substances, however they are perfect for outdoor lovin' because they have a waterproof layer in the middle which means the yucky from underneath won't get at your softer parts.  Plus the whole thing is machine washable, so clean up is a snap.


TIP #3 - Switch up your bedroom accoutrements.

Well of course buying the most elaborate and exciting sex toy will give you new options in the boudoir.  But if you're not feeling up to trying something earth-shattering, just making little changes in accessories (or "accoutrements" posh), can make a huge difference to the way you play.  Oh yes, and this is true for couples of all descriptions, and singles, too.  Bedroom gear is for everyone.  If you're a chocolate lover, an easy addition is the Don't Stop Massage Oil Candle by Booty Parlor.  You can use it to set the mood for an intimate massage for your partner, or you can use it to massage into your own legs to get yourself feeling sexy (and moisturized).  Even easier, try a new lube.   If you're into flavours, this can be an exciting way to change things up without breaking the bank or over-thinking things.  I really like the whole Good Clean Love line (and I'm particularly partial to Cinnamon Vanilla).  GLC lubes are vegan, organic, ph-balanced and made from super healthy ingredients.  Or how about some nipple clamps - simple yet unabashedly naughty?  For single girlies, check out our fave little vibes by Tantus; cute, little, inexpensive and fabulous.  And single guys, I haven't forgotten about you...  Customers are raving about the Tenga 3D Spiral.

TIP #4 - Buy someone else a sexy little gift for no reason at all.

The act of choosing a sexy gift for someone else can be a turn on in and of itself.  So go on and get your lover a little surprise.  Lelo products make gorgeous gifts because of their high quality and their gift-worthy packaging.  And singles, why not get something for yourself or perhaps a gift for your bestie?  My girlfriends all love getting these little sets from me... Maybe your gal pals will like them, too.  Sexy gifts stimulate sexy conversation, too, and can lead to new creative ideas that everyone can benefit from.

Well, here's to you, Ohhh customers and readers!  You're the reason we exist.  I hope you have a very sexy spring.  As always, if you have any questions at all about our products, our company... or well... me, I guess, send 'em all our way at  Thanks for reading!  Have a very sexy spring.


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- There are some great articles on my fave topic (sex) by one of my fave people, Dr. Jessica O'Reilly over at Eligible Magazine.

- If you're in Toronto, you might be interested in my workshop on how I became an entrepreneurial success story (I promise you the content is less cheesy than what you just read) - it's happening April 18th.  Here's the ticket link and here's the Facebook event link.

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