Surviving Wedding Season: Bachelorette Gift Guide

There comes a time in every woman's life where, all of a sudden, all of your friends are getting married. The invitations for weddings, bridal showers, and bachelorettes come flooding in. Luckily for me, this period in my life has arrived somewhat slowly. For others, they might have 4-5 weddings in just one year.
We've all been to those sex toy stores with the gag gifts...but what's the point of a gag gift? Sure they're funny and cute but will the bride ever use them? Why not buy your girlfriend a gift that she'll love? Here are a few of my favourite products that I will probably end up buying for myself...oh and for my bride-to-be friends, of course.
Luxury Gifts ($75+)

The ultimate couples vibrator: The We-Vibe III is a great addition to any couple’s love life. Your girlfriend won't know how to thank you.

A must-have for every couple, the Facinator Fluffy Sex Blanket Throe is a great throe to keep around. What makes it different than other throes? It has a waterproof liner in the middle. What does this mean? No more avoiding the wet spot while trying to get some sleep. Or try it out one night on the beach. Trust me, you do not want sand anywhere near your private areas when getting freaky.

Give the gift of endless possibilities...The bride and groom will enjoy the variety that the Black Label Microfibre Wedge will bring to their bedroom. We've all tried using pillows during sex and they all seem to fall flat within minutes. This wedge will keep it's shape through hours of sexy time. ;)


Mid Range ($50-$75)


Our Satin kimono in pink is a sexy little cover-up for the bride-to-be. Adds a little flair to a sexy strip tease...

Known as the original sex manual, the Kama Sutra Book is the book to have. It teachs not only sex positions but includes instruction on the art of kissing, biting, scratching, and all the other fun, kinky elements of sex.


Sexy On A Budget ($50 and under)


Small budget, but want a big impact? Give her a leather blindfold...used on her or him, they will love the hightened sense of touch that a blindfold offers. Bonus: the leather gives a feel of S&M.

The must-have guide: Ride 'Em Cowgirl is a great instructional book filled with lots of illustrations to get the couple off to a great start. Spoken from the woman's perspective, the illustrations feature drawings of real women, not just tiny stick models.

Skin Honey Lickable Topping is an amazingly delicious 3 in 1 treat! It’s a massage oil, a yummy edible body topping, and a sex lube. Comes in two delectable flavours: Chocolate and Pomegranate & Honey. Need I say more?

The Kama Sutra Getaway Kit includes everything you need for a night in. The kit includes massage oil, lube, lickable honey dust, edible body souffle, and a candle. Everything you need for a little romance on the go.

Every woman needs a go-to piece of lingerie. Ours is the Red Mesh Dress with Garters. It's red hot and has lots of lace and flatters many different body types.


Enjoy everything that comes with wedding season: dress shopping, lots of cocktails, and hot groomsmen. Oh, and don't forget to buy yourself something special too ;)

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