We want to be your #1 - so tell us your horror stories & we'll make it all better!

At Ohhh, our focus is on you - our customers (and future customers).  We truly believe in offering the very best customer service in the biz.  We care about your experiences with us; we want to offer the best information about the products we carry, offer sex life advice when you ask us for it, and we want your online shopping experience to be fun, sexy and exciting.

But that doesn't mean we ALWAYS get it right.  We try to, but our business is run by a small, dedicated team of HUMANS.  And we, as humans, sometimes make mistakes.

Here, though, is the difference between us, and our "competitors" (actually we're friends with some of our competitors, so we use the word loosely)...  we do out utmost to make up for our mistakes.

Let me give you an example of a mistake and how we fixed it...  Just recently a lovely customer sent in an order and then had trouble with our e-transfer option.  I sent her an invoice.  And when I say, I, I mean me... as in Katrina McKay, the owner and this post's author.  Yep, me, myself and I.  Anyway, I sent her a PayPal invoice as per her request so that she could pay that way.  Then she did.  And while our PayPal account is set up to work with the back-end of our website, this time, I was supposed to update her order manually in our system.  I did not do this.  My bad.  Then, we ended up emailing her again to ask her if she was still interested in the purchase.  She was not amused.

So what did we do?  We sent her the original order, free of charge, I personally sent her an email apologizing for the mistake, and then we set up a gift certificate on the site for her so that she could try us again if she wanted to.  See?  We make mistakes, but we do our best to fix 'em after we make 'em.

Alright, so.  This is where this gets interesting.  *drum roll, please* We believe that we here at Ohhh Canada do the very best job at fixing our mistakes.  So we want to take a crack at solving other companies' mistakes.  I know, I know, you're thinking "What the...?"  Here's how this is going to work:

1)  Forward me (as in actually me, the owner) a copy of an online receipt for a sex toy, sexy beauty product or lingerie purchase that you made online that you weren't happy with for any reason at all.  My direct email address is katrina@ohhhcanada.ca

2)  Before you press send, type out a little message to me to tell me what you didn't like about your online buying experience.  Maybe you had a bad customer service experience or maybe the shipping was really slow... whatever.  Give me an idea of why your experience sucked and was decidedly unsexy.

In exchange, we'll do what we can to make it right.  We'll send you gifts or give you the advice you need or give you a credit at the store.  

Here are the very minor "catches":

- we reserve the right to figure out how to fix the problem, and even if we CAN fix the problem (no guarantees)

- you gotta have a Canadian mailing address - that's where we ship the stuff

- you have to give us the okay to blog about the problem and our proposed solution... note that we will NOT under any circumstances, reveal any identifying info about you - and we definitely will not release your email or name.  We also won't drag our competitors through the mud, either... we're not going to tell others who you bought from where you had less than spectacular service.

- we're not sure how long we're going to do this for - so send your emails in right away!

So there you have it!  Go on and email us about the crappy experience you had buying sex toys elsewhere (just remember to forward us the receipt) and we'll make it right because we love you.  And what do we want in exchange you may ask?  We just want you to love us back and think of us next time you're making a purchase.


Katrina, Owner, Ohhh Canada

PS - Don't have a horror story, but have other ideas as to how we can make Ohhh Canada a better place to shop?  Email me your ideas to katrina@ohhhcanada.ca

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