Most Popular Sex Toys in Toronto

  Well Toronto, you sure are sexy.  While we ship all over Canada (for just $10 flat to anywhere in our sexy country), we get the most orders from our home city... the big ol' T-dot (<--- does anyone say that anymore?  We hope not).  We are actually based in Toronto, that's where our head office is, and our warehouse is not too far away either...  in Mississauga (or "Missi-sausage" as we like to call it).

Anyway, we often get emails from our lovely customers asking us which sex toys are the most popular, and here's something interesting...  while there are commonalities between what people in different Canadian cities buy, there are also differences.

So with that in mind, here's our round-up of the top three sex toys that Torontonians have been buying over the past three months.

1)  We-Vibe 3.  This one isn't much of a surprise.  This couples' vibrator has been all over the media from Oprah to Macleans to The Doctors.  What can we say?  Toronto couples like to play together.

2)  Coochy Cream.  While Toronto's not known for sun and sand, that doesn't mean that Torontonians don't shave it all off.  Coochy Cream, particularly in the green tea scent is really popular year-round with our Toronto customers.  Good choice as it helps to prevent razor burn better than any other product we've found.

3)  Under the Bed Restraint Kit by Sportsheets.  While our friends at other sex toy companies around the world have noted a sharp increase in sales of this fantastic little set, we've been selling lots of these over the past two years and their popularity just seems to keep increasing.  And Torontonians seem to be the ones that buy the most of these!  Apparently Toronto's into soft bondage.  We love it.

Those are the top three sex toys for Toronto buyers.  Next up, we're heading West to see what sex toys Vancouverites prefer.  Stay tuned!

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