When I say Kegel, you say...?

I will bet my Magic Banana on it that the first thing you thought of when you seen the word Kegel was “oh I know that, it’s the ‘pregnancy exercise’”. Am I right? Kegel exercises have actually been around since 1948. They were introduced to women in order to improve overall muscle tone "down there" by strengthening muscles of the pelvic floor.  But guess what?  They're not just for women (guys watch this blog for tips for men's Kegel exercises - coming soon), and they're not just for women who've had babies.  Kegels are for everyone!  (Yay!) Kegel Exercise Gives..  - Read More

A Few of the Sexpreneur's Favourite Things

As you may have guessed already, raindrops on roses don't exactly number amongst my favourite things.  As I'm often asked what MY favourite products are, and what products I give as gifts to friends, I thought I would write a blog about it and share it all with you. The truth is that we add new products to the Ohhh catalogue all the time, so my favourites get updated...  Believe it or not, there are such things as trends in adult toys.  Nonetheless, as it stands on this muggy Toronto night, these are a few of my favourite things... Lelo..  - Read More


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