Re-Imagining the Bachelorette: 5 Tips from Ohhh Canada on Celebrating Your Bride-to-Be

Recently we ran a decadent faux bachelorette party for a room full of our media friends at The Spoke Club in Toronto, Canada with the aim of showing what a bachelorette party could be. Don't get me wrong, penis straws and big cheesy banners can be a lot of fun... but as someone who has been the "infotainment" at dozens of bachelorette parties over the last few years; the silly throw-away elements are passé.Speaking of old, lots of us are getting married in our thirties (and no, I don't think thirty is old...I'm just joking around here); and since that's  by..  - Read More

Dear Dr. Love: How do I cure the winter blahs?

Blog originally posted on Shop Socials As we count down to Rx for Romance, we’ve got Dr. Love holding office hours once again,  this time with a prescription for all the single ladies!  Dear Dr. Love,   I’m single, and if that didn’t bum me out enough around this time of year, I’m also just not feeling very attractive.  I gained a few pounds over the holidays, and I’m feeling a case of the blah’s.  Can you give me some advice to make myself feel better again?   Thanks,   Katie Blues  *** Hi Miss Blues, First of all, everyone feels..  - Read More

Dear Dr. Love: What if I don’t want to go BUZZ in the night?

As Originally Seen in Shop Socials Dear Dr. Love: What if I don’t want to go BUZZ in the night? As we gear up for Rx for Romance, Dr. Love is back to answer another burning question…  **Warning, this post is a little racy.** Dear Dr. Love,   My husband and I want to try something different, but we aren’t really into vibrators.  Can you suggest something that will spice things up?   Mrs. Buzzkill *** Dear Mrs. B, Truth be told my all-time favourite bedroom accessories aren’t even vibrators.  There are lots of toys to choose from that don’t vibrate –..  - Read More

Dear Dr. Love: What the heck is a Pheromone?

As originally seen in Shop Socials As we countdown to our fun & flirty pop-up on February 8th, we’ve invited a special guest blogger, Dr. Love, from Ohhh Canada to answer some burning questions about romance and sexy time so you’ll know just what to look out for when you join us for cocktails and Valentine’s Day gift shopping at Rx for Romance.  Dear Dr. Love,   What’s the deal with pheromones?   Signed,   Ivana Smellgood *** Dear Ivana, Great question!  Pheromones are an odorless substance that our bodies give off to send signals to other humans in our proximity.  While pheromones can..  - Read More

Dear Dr. Love: How Do I Maintain The Mood?

Blog post originally seen on Shop Socials  Dear Dr. Love: How Do I Maintain The Mood? As we continue to count down to next month’s pop-up, Ohhh Canada’s Dr. Love guest posts with some *delicate* advice on what to keep on hand for your private boudoir games.    Dear. Dr. Love,   My boyfriend loves when I go down on him, but I really don’t like the way he tastes.  He’s clean and he takes care of himself, but even right out of the shower, I just don’t like doing it.   It makes me gag, and then I’m not in the mood..  - Read More

Ohhh Santa Gift Guide: Gifts for the Mistletoe Maven

Blog originally seen on Shop Socials Plump that pout for all of those holiday Instagram pics with Kissaholic coloured lip gloss from Ohhh Canada.  Available in five different flavours and shades – from a hot red with a cinnamon flavour to a deep burgundy with a blackberry taste, they’re flattering on all skin tones and they even TASTE amazing for those impromptu mistletoe-inspired kisses. Aphrodisiac-infused and plumping, these little wonders are sure to help you feel flirty at all of those holiday bashes, as well as stave off winter dryness. Try out all the shades your wrist at our sexy little pop-up on the 17th of..  - Read More


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