How To Buy Your First Vibrator

Buying a vibrator always seems like a great idea until the thought of going to a hole-in-the-wall porn shop with a buzzing neon “XXX” sign gets into your head and makes the whole thing seem like a turn off.  Luckily, we gals live in a brave new world, where buying your first sex toy doesn’t have to be intimidating, and, thanks to the internet, can be done discretely and from the comfort of your own home. Phew! Now let’s get down to the brass tacks. Even though you can buy your first vibrator from lady-friendly websites like us here at..  - Read More

Dear Dr. Love: What if I don’t want to go BUZZ in the night?

As Originally Seen in Shop Socials Dear Dr. Love: What if I don’t want to go BUZZ in the night? As we gear up for Rx for Romance, Dr. Love is back to answer another burning question…  **Warning, this post is a little racy.** Dear Dr. Love,   My husband and I want to try something different, but we aren’t really into vibrators.  Can you suggest something that will spice things up?   Mrs. Buzzkill *** Dear Mrs. B, Truth be told my all-time favourite bedroom accessories aren’t even vibrators.  There are lots of toys to choose from that don’t vibrate –..  - Read More

Ohhh Santa Gift Guide: Gifts For The Yummy Mummy

Original Blog Post on Shop Socials Traditionally, Christmas stockings were filled with sweets and fruit. But let’s get real – the lady in your life does NOT want a stocking full of apples. We asked our friends at Ohhh Canada for advice and they assure she’ll be thrilled to get a banana… a Magic Banana, that is. Designed by a Canadian yogi, the Magic Banana is a 3-in-1: a kegel exerciser, self-exploration and self-pleasure tool. Unintimidating, simple to use, and known to induce oh-oh-oh-MG orgasms (or Ohhh-MG orgasms if you will) this brightly coloured, incognito object of pleasure makes a brilliant..  - Read More

New at Ohhh (Boring Title, Interesting Blog Post - Promise)

It's been awhile since I've updated this blog, but with good reasons (although my "reasons" sound an awful lot like excuses... a-hem).  The Ohhh team has been really busy adding new products to our catalogue and expanding our lingerie offerings.  We've also hired new staff, gone on some field trips and signed up to exhibit at some events!  Here's the run-down... New Products We now carry a number of products made by Kama Sutra, including some really great gift sets.  My favourite is the Getaway Kit, but I'm a girly-girl at heart, so bare that in mind.  Kama Sutra products..  - Read More


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