Getting Frisky Al Fresco

¬†While winter seems to be hanging around for one last hurrah here in Toronto (where Ohhh's head offices are), rest assured that spring is just around the corner. And while the temperatures may not be quite suitable for bikinis and poolside martinis in much of Canada and the northern US, it's nevertheless a fantastic time to start thinking about all the sexiness that's ushered in by those first weeks of spring; the stolen kisses in the park, cuddling outside on the patio and naked wrestling on the grass. You know, the usual sexy-romantic-stuff. (Sorry, what? Naked wrestling on the grass..  - Read More

Surviving Wedding Season: Bachelorette Gift Guide

There comes a time in every woman's life where, all of a sudden, all of your friends are getting married. The invitations for weddings, bridal showers, and bachelorettes come flooding in. Luckily for me, this period in my life has arrived somewhat slowly. For others, they might have 4-5 weddings in just one year.   We've all been to those sex toy stores with the gag gifts...but what's the point of a gag gift? Sure they're funny and cute but will the bride ever use them? Why not buy your girlfriend a gift that she'll love? Here are a few of..  - Read More

Tips for a Sexier Spring

In most parts of our lovely country, it's starting to feel like spring.  To me, spring is a time of renewal, and a time to try new things...  I feel friskier in the spring, more playful.  How about you?  Do you feel renewed and refreshed at this time of the year?  Do you feel like you're ready for new challenges and new adventures?  If so, read on... I have some fun tips to help you get in tune with the season and sex things up a little for spring. TIP #1 - Throw out the old crap you don't like..  - Read More

Making Last Minute Shopping a Little Sexier

Are you like me and still have some last-minute holiday shopping still to do?  Well, have no fear - I have some tips and tricks that will save you some stress and maybe even some of your hard-earned dough... AND keep you out of the dog house come Christmas morning (or whatever morning, depending on what you celebrate). 1)  It's not too late to place online orders (here at Ohhh and elsewhere), but lots of retailers offer different shipping options, so even if you've missed the cut-off for the cheapest option, you can still pick the next best one...  And..  - Read More


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