Black Label Microfiber Wedge by Liberator

by Liberator
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You asked for it - and we delivered.  The famous Wedge.  This is the Black Label edition - which includes even more accessories to enhance your play.  Beautifully designed, soft against the skin - sex furniture for discerning tastes.  It's famous for a reason.

Details, details...

- 27 degree angle wedge, made by Liberator, the world's most popular brand of sex furniture and accessories

- use the wedge to as a prop; most common usage is to "wedge" it under a female partner's derriere so that her head is lower than her nether regions to allow more g-spot action and deeper penetration during vaginal intercourse....  woo!  Long explanation!  But there are lots of ways to play... use your imagination!

- also an excellent accessory for anal and oral sex

- comes with it's own cover - which zips right off!

- included in the Black Label edition are black handcuffs and blindfold to help enhance your play... think of all of the possibilities, honey!  Ooh la la.

- comes in it's own a sturdy box which you can use to travel with your wedge or store it under the bed!

- a full colour booklet outlines different position ideas and ways to play

- 24 inches wide, 14 inches long and 7 inches high

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