BodyWand Plug-In Massager (BodyWand)

by Bodywand
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Oh honey, we all love the classic Original Magic Wand, but if you're looking for the same power (actually even MORE), and a prettier, quieter package, look no further.

In a market flooded with cheap and even dangerous Magic Wand knockoffs, we were adamant that we put this wand through extensive testing before we deemed it not only as good, but better then the original. We know, we know, our job is sooo hard ;). 

Details, details...

- easy to use dial control allows you to change the intensity of the vibrations from 'light as a feather' to 'earth shaking', and anything in between

- made from body safe plastic, it has a hard plastic body but uses softer, more malleable plastic for the ball 

- it's flexible neck helps you to control the pressure and allows you to use the toy at different angles

- whisper quiet on the lighter settings, volume increases with vibration intensity (though we would only consider it 'loud' on the highest speed) 

- it may seem archaic, but this toy must be plugged in to use. Trust us, it's worth it, without that plug this toy would not be able to reach the incredible strength and speed it's known for. 

- maximum speed is 8,000 RPMs (to put that in perspective, the Original Magic Wands max. is 6,000 RPMs)

- it also makes a killer back massager! No, seriously, though.





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