Forta - For Men

by Natural Performance Products Ltd
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This supplement came to us very highly recommended, and we couldn't ignore the "all natural" aspect, either -- always a plus.

Use Forta For Men supplements about 45 minutes before you plan to get sexy and expect cumulative effects lasting up to a few days. Forta improves blood flow and sperm production (which makes you look and feel bigger and harder) and quickens your refractory period (in other words, your "get up and go again"). 

Details, details... 

- take with water (warm is best to help dissolve the pill) 45 to 60 minutes before sexual activity 

- ideally, take it between meals, not with or directly after meals

- increases blood flow to your erection 

- contains traditional herbs like Panax Ginseng, Lycium Barbarum (the plant the goji berry comes from) and Chinese cassia 

- did we mention it's all natural? Love it. 

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