Hercules Clear Penis Pump (Bathmate)

by Bathmate
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The Hercules Clear by Bathmate is the best selling penis enhancer the world over - why? Because it works! Intended for use in the bath or shower, the Hecules is 250% more effective at lengthening and thickening your penis than traditional air pumps. After just one use you will notice immediate visible (albeit temporary) results. Oh and it feels good, too.

Details, details...

- Designed for an average man with a penis under 8" in length, and 5.5" in girth.

- This product has been on the market for five years now and has been sold in over 60 countries. Why is it so popular? It might be something to do with it's 95% success rate. 

- Gain anywhere from 1-3 inches in length, increase thickness by up to 40%, enlarge the head of the penis and straighten out any unwanted curves. 

- Regular use can lead to harder, longer lasting and more satisfying erections, and can even help to alleviate erectile dysfunction.

- For best results use the Hercules in the bath or shower for a minimum of three times a week, but do not use more than once a day. 

How the heck?

First, run a bath or pop into the shower - try your best to feel relaxed and comfortable (maybe even light a candle). Now that you're ready to go, fully submerge your Hercules Bathmate in the water removing all of the air from the chamber. Push your water filled Bathmate down towards the base of your penis until you have created a vaccum - at this point you should feel the pressure starting to build. Now, sit back and let the Hercules Bathmate do it's job. Every five minutes or so, press down to increase the pressure - you do this because as your penis is expanding you must force excess water out of the top of the product. Continue to pump at five minute intervals until no more water comes out (this will take about fifteen to twenty minutes) then, release the pressure, remove your Bathmate and admire your results!

Tips & tricks

This is the first penis pump we're selling at Ohhh Canada, and we brought this one in specifically because of it's excellent track record, and that our testers thought it was really superior to others they had tried. When choosing a penile pump you want to make sure you're getting a high quality one like this one and follow all of the enclosed instructions - poor quality ones can cause bruising - and no one wants that.





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