Original Magic Wand (formerly known as Hitachi Magic Wand)

by Vibratex
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We know, we know, this "thing" doesn't look like much.  It doesn't have the aesthetic appeal of a lot of our products.  And what the...  you plug it in???  While you use it???  Yep.  But there's a reason this old classic is still around...  it's undeniably powerful.  Our customers requested it, so here you go...  We're delivering on that request. 

 Details, details...

- blue & white, body-safe materials - hard plastic for the body with softer plastic on the ball

- flexible neck helps you to control the pressure

- change the intensity of the vibrations to suit your pleasure

- plugs into your regular power outlet and you use it while it's plugged in

- originally designed as a normal everyday muscle massager, this little baby's been used for years for awesome sexual stimulation; but if you have stiff muscles in your head, back or neck, this will do the trick for those areas, too!

Tips & Tricks

For different sensations, try using the insides of Tenga Eggs, turned inside out to cover the ball part.  Suggested to us by a customer, tested & tried by us...  lots of fun!  And unlike when used for male masturbation, these can be used again and again - just wash with soap and warm water and leave to air dry on a towel.

Sexy Reviews

You've heard of it, you've thought to try it - but unless you do, you will have no idea how powerful this toy is! [...]To ease the intensity I did what Katrina McKay of Ohhh Canada suggested - I put a Tenga Egg (inside out) around the head of the toy (perfect fit - like it was made for the wand). Because it is not an internal toy and I did not require lubricant, the Hitachi Magic Wand is easy to clean (but not waterproof). I recommend the Hitachi Magic Wand for EVERYONE - it's one of those "must try before you die" toys.  I would also recommend it for a gift, since it's not marketed AS a sex toy, it could be a great "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" gift.

Dawn Jones , Mom's Toyboxxx

What's in a name? 

Hitachi no longer directly manufactures the Original Magic Wand. Our understanding is that they no longer want to be associated with sex toys. Instead of shutting down production altogether, Vibratex was granted exclusive rights to create the massager to exact Hitachi specifications and has renamed the toy "Original Magic Wand."  Please note that Ohhh Canada never has and never will sell "fakes" - these are genuine Original Magic Wands, however they are no longer manufactured with the "Hitachi" logo on them.


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