Inter-Stellar Cosmic Tickler

by California Exotic Novelties
Price $6.99

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Forget the French tickler, this new toy by California Exotic is out of this world! (What. We had to. Cosmic? Let's move on.) 

These extremely elastic ticklers are shiny, bright and multi-purpose - use them on a penis or your favourite toy. (if you go the toy route, may we humbly suggest the Iconic Smoothie - it's a perfect sleek shape) 
Details, details…


- adds a fun new dimension and feel to intercourse or vibrator use

- comes in blue, purple, pink or clear 

- 2.75" long at rest…these are very stretchy

- enhances pleasure

- restricts blood flow (not in a scary way…just enough to enhance his erection and pleasure)  

Tips and tricks...

- apply lube after putting the Cosmic Tickler on…otherwise it can be quite slippery! 



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