Lelo Luna Beads (Kegel Exerciser)

by Lelo
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The ultimate accessory for Kegel exercises, Lelo's Luna beads are a great alternative to traditional ben wa balls; they're made of softer materials that offer a bit of "give" in the same way that the bands sometimes used for fitness training have some give.  Plus they're pretty.  And that's important, too (or at least we think so).

Details, details...

- comes with TWO sets (one pink, one blue) with retrieval cords; the pink set is for beginners and the blue set is for more advanced users (it's heavier)

- made from body-safe materials; phthalate-free (of course!)

- made by design-conscious Swedish company Lelo

- product requires some "assembly" - don't worry, it's not like assembling products from other Swedish companies you may know of (a-hem) - the pink balls come installed in the "girdle" (the white silicone thingy that holds the balls together), but you can pop them out and exchange them for the blue ones

Exactly why...?

- Lelo Luna beads can be used to strengthen the muscles in the vaginal wall and the PC muscles... and why pray tell, would you want to do this?  It strengthens your orgasms, honey.  And will also help you grip "him" (if your partner is male, that is) should you so desire to do so - and this will make you feel tighter to him, and make the experience all the more pleasurable for both of you.

- Great for women of all ages, and particularly beneficial for mommies who had their kids vaginally (yummy mummies, here's to you!)

How the heck...?

- Insert gently (best used with lube) until both beads are inside, then squeeze your muscles like you're try to stop yourself from peeing (okay, okay, not sexy, but that's the best way to describe it!  Sheesh.)

- Cool tip:  If you like yoga, try using these and trying a couple of your favourite poses - particularly plank - very challenging, quite fun... may cause fits of giggles 

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