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This product has the best name we've ever heard, and honestly, it may actually revolutionize your sex life (provided you have the equipment to use it or your partner does... it's meant for vaginas).  Proudly made in Canada from nothing but the best body safe materials, this simple but ingenious toy does SO MUCH...  it's a Kegel exerciser, it's a self-exploration tool, it's a pleasure device.  It kinda does everything!  

Details, details...

- made of the same high quality materials that are used in the making of surgical IV tubes; completely body-safe and FDA-approved

- designed by Janeson Rayne, a yoga educator, based on THIRTY YEARS of research

- can be used by women to explore the shape and size of their vagina...  understand your pink bits in a whole new way!

- enjoy solo or with your partner

- massages the vaginal walls and self adjusts to fit every woman

- can be used as a versatile Kegel exerciser - fully inserted for beginners and pulled further out for more advanced users (the resistance is stronger as the toy is withdrawn)

- easy to wash with simple soap and water (just dry it on your bath towel!)

- completely waterproof

- travels well



Magic Banana is Famous!

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*** Magic Banana® featured at *** 
*** Magic Banana® featured at ***

Sexy Reviews:

Walking into the bedroom on Mother's Day and asking (perhaps demanding) our partners for what WE want. [...] To make this all-about-me fantasy into a reality, I consulted with the good people at Together we came up with the perfect sexual self-confidence Mother’s Day package. It's only four steps. Step One: GET YOUR PC MUSCLE GROOVE :[...] Not sure how? Try the Canadian made MAGIC BANANA (you just have to love that name!) Step Two: GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND INTO YOUR BODY:  put on a beautiful robe and give your skin an all over silk bath. As you can see (yes, this is me modeling) this is a lucious Baci Satin Kimono in Leopard. STEP THREE: PUUUURRRRRR, CARESS YOUR BODY: lying on this luxurious Liberator Throe. [...] The Liberator Throe is machine-washable so rub your whole body around. It feels good to be bad! STEP FOUR: WAKE UP YOUR OTHER SENSES: This lickable Massage Bar is like a three-for-one sensation—you smell fantastic, you taste great and you feel lovely. Lickable Massage Bars are available in nine flavours and are made from all-natural ingredients tastes sweet as it's sweetend with all-natural stevia (suitable for diabetics and calorie-free).

Blogger's name: Trina Read
Title of the blog post: Erica Ehm's Yummy Mummy Club
Title of the blog: Give Yourself the Perfect Mother's Day Gift
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