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Ohhh Canada

Decadent lickable flavours that are sugar free and moisturizing for your skin.  Up the romance factor by giving your partner a massage, or use them on yourself as a lusciously scented body treatment.

Details, details...

- smooth the creamy bar across your lover's skin for a sexy massage

- made from all-natural ingredients

- lickable (yes, honey, you read that right) and tastes sweet as it's sweetend with all-natural stevia (suitable for diabetics and calorie-free)

- comes beautifully packaged in a shiny wrapper

- a great skin conditioner that can be used solo, too after a bath or shower - it will make you smell SO delicious!

Available flavours:

Ravish Me - aphrodisiac-infused spicy vanilla...need we say more?

Sinfully Cinnamon - like cinnamon hearts!

After Midnight - Mint

Make Out Mango - ... uhhh, mango

Strawberry Passion - you guessed it... smells like strawberries

Wild Watermelon - right again!  Watermelon

Provence Lavender - herbal, soothing, sophisticated (and a little bit French.. mais oui!)

Coconut Cream - Smells like "vacation"... pina colada anyone?

Chocolate Mandarin - Because who needs dessert?

Vanilla Venus - As above... but vanilla (in flavour... but your romantic use of it can be anything but!)

Sexy Review:

Walking into the bedroom on Mother's Day and asking (perhaps demanding) our partners for what WE want. [...] To make this all-about-me fantasy into a reality, I consulted with the good people at Together we cameup with the perfect sexual self-confidence Mother’s Day package. It's only four steps. Step One: GET YOUR PC MUSCLE GROOVE :[...] Not sure how? Try the Canadian made MAGIC BANANA (you just have to love that name!) Step Two: GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND INTO YOUR BODY:  put on a beautiful robe and give your skin an all over silk bath. As you can see (yes, this is me modeling) this is a lucious Baci Satin Kimono in Leopard.STEP THREE: PUUUURRRRRR, CARESS YOUR BODY: lying on this luxurious Liberator Throe. [...] The Liberator Throe is machine-washable so rub your whole body around. It feels good to be bad! STEP FOUR: WAKE UP YOUR OTHER SENSES: This lickable Massage Bar is like a three-for-one sensation—you smell fantastic, you taste great and you feel lovely. Lickable Massage Barsare available in nine flavours and are made from all-natural ingredients tastes sweet as it's sweetend with all-natural stevia (suitable for diabetics and calorie-free).

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