Not Your Mother's Playground

by Samantha Fraser
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Ohhh Canada

Not Your Mother’s Playground -- a poly book for the rest of us! If you're even remotely interested in poly, or if you've ever been curious how it works, read this first. 

Details, Details... 

- Samantha Fraser is an author and blogger, beloved by Ohhh Canada for her many sex toy reviews.

- The book is part how-to, part how-I-did-it: going from a monogamous relationship into an open marriage. Pretty riveting stuff, even if you're a strictly one-on-one kind of partner 

- All our copies just happen to be signed by the sexy, sassy author herself! 

Sexy Reviews...

“Not Your Mother’s Playground is both thoughtful and thought-provoking; a rare combination. It’s the type of writing that can only come from an authentic place. More than a guide, it’s a source of inspiration for everyday people looking to explore alternative ways
of connecting with one another and themselves in today’s fast-paced modern world.”

- Katrina McKay, Sex Educator and Founder & CEO, 

Ohhh Canada

“Samantha is that person you want to sit and have an open and honest conversation with … She’ll listen, understand and offer the non-judgmental ear needed to help navigate complex relationships. In a world filled with so many ‘manuals’ and ‘self-help guides’, they are often too daunting to even open, Samantha’s casual, friendly and self-deprecating approach is a breath of fresh air.”

- Sonya JF Barnett., 

The Keyhole Sessions



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