Spot Right Intimate Mist (Sweet Spot Labs)

by Sweet Spot Labs
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A little spritz is all it takes to feel a little fresher and a whole lot sexier.  Stash this bottle in your purse for a quick spritz in the ladies' room at dinner if you think it's going to be a long night or anytime you need a little pick-me-up.

Details, details...

- all natural with no nasty chemicals

- contains natural essential oils including galbanum which is a noted aphrodisiac (you can thank us later); in fact, you may like the smell so much you may want to use it all over your body!

- ideal for sensitive skin; it's formulated to use on your most sensitive areas (however ONLY use it OUTSIDE the body, baby)

- smells fresh, clean and citrusy

- convenient spray bottle

- 4fl oz.

Tips & tricks:

We like using it just after changing a tampon or pad and after a quickie workout at the gym or commuting to work on our bikes!  It's also great to have on tropical vacations when things get a little sweaty.

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