Sweet Spot Bidet-in-a-Bottle

by Sweet Spot Labs
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Ohhh Canada

Douching is bad for you ladies, and so passe in any case.  What's IN now is Sweet Spot's Bidet-in-a-Bottle, an all-natural cleansing system that allows you to feel clean and fresh and smell fantastic without messing up your body's natural chemistry.

Details, details...

- instead of functioning as an internal wash, this bidet-in-a-bottle helps you to cleanse externally and gently; but it's still very thorough

- the solution is made with all natural aromatherapeutic oils and gentle cleansers; you just add warm water into the bottle and a single package of the solution mix and it's ready to go!

- Basil-Grapefruit scent is clean and fresh

- the temperature indicator on the bottle tells you when the water is the right temp - you don't want to burn your most sensitive areas, do ya, honey?

- perfect for after-the-gym, pre-sex or menstrual clean-up when you change your pad or tampon

- pH-balanced for your body - no icky chemicals or parabens

- kit includes spray bottle (bidet bottle) and seven packets of Intimate Wash solution

- clean is sexy, baby!

- made in California

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