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If you're a man, you want one of these (or a whole pack of them). If you're a woman, you'll wish you were a man. Okay, maybe not, but if you're a woman with a male partner, you really really want to get him one of these. He can use it solo OR you can give him the best handjob he's ever had in his life. Encourage him to express his sexy self.

Tenga eggs are NEW and they have been selling out at all of our retail and demo appearances. They make perfect stocking stuffers, or a sexy little surprise for everyday. They're sort of like those, you know, chocolate egg treats that you give children where there's a toy inside. Yep, you know what we're talking about, but we can't use that name here. Besides which, there is no chocolate involved. There is definitely a toy, though. And oh what a toy it is.

Details, details...

- classy, innovative packaging with a sense of humour; the outside packaging denotes the pattern/ribbing on the inside

- comes complete with a fast-food ketchup-like package of lube inside the egg

- made from body-safe silicone (phthalate-free)

- material warms to your touch, and is surprisingly skin-like without being creepily skin-like

- allows you (or him) to control the pressure

How the HECK do you use these things?

1) Unwrap the plastic on the outside

2) "Crack" the hard plastic egg - it comes apart into two pieces

3) Take the soft silicone piece out (like the white of an egg -- get it?)

4) At the bottom of the silicone egg part there is a hard plastic tube protecting the hole with a packet of lube inside

5) Squeeze the lube into the hole of the egg

6) Hold the egg upside down and close up your fist to warm it to skin temperature

7) Play

8) Throw it out

How do I choose between designs?

Honestly, they're all pretty neat, and we don't seem to be getting feedback that one is any better than another. They all offer slightly different sensations.


You can buy a single egg and you get to pick your design. OR, buy a whole 6-pack and get a sample of the different eggs, plus get the neat-o plastic egg carton container that they come in.



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