Ultimate Personal Shaver for Women by Swan

by Swan
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Ohhh Canada

Ready to stop grooming your bikini area with a traditional razor or barber scissors? We're proud of you. This personal shaver from Swan is the perfect transitional tool: groom, trim and even stencil your way to a sexy, confident bikini season. Prep starts now! 

Details, details... 

- Includes one regular and one precision trimmer

- Comes with combs and adjustable length settings for just taking a bit off

- Finishing head for delicate, smaller areas 

- Comes with a cleaning brush (yes! Such a good idea) 

- Travel bag is perfect for vacations 

- Organizer base is perfect for home (hey, we did say ultimate. This baby has everything) 

Tips & tricks... 

- use small, slow strokes to groom your first time around

- make sure skin is FULLY dry - this ensures an even trim 

- use a grooming mirror for the hard-to-see areas 

- don't forget to use a skin powder after to "set" the skin


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