Womanizer® - Clitoral Stimulator (epi24)

by Womanizer
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You're a Womanizer, oh Womanizer oh, you're a Womanizer, baby!...Oh, sorry, we got a bit excited there, but really, can you blame us? We're IN LOVE with the Womanizer and here's why...

52% of women who tested this revolutionary external stimulator achieved orgasm in less than a minute, and most described the orgasms as 'unlike anything they've ever felt before'! How's that for a review?

So, how does this funky looking little toy do it? By combining powerful vibrations and light suction - yup, you read that right, suction. We'll take ten. 

Details, details...

- 'pleasure cap' is placed over the clit making a delicate seal around it (though no direct contact to the clitoris is made, just the sorounding area), microprocessor-controlled pressure waves provide a slight sucking sensation while simultaneously delivering powerful vibrations

- 52% of women who tested the Womanizer reported powerful orgasms within the first minute of use, and 73% of women experience multiple orgasms! We like those odds ;).

- at 160 x 50 mm, it's small size makes this toy easy to use with a partner

- five different intensities to choose from, each one better than the last ;)

- rechargeable, each Womanizer comes with it's own USB charger

- body-safe silicone 'pleasure cap' is removable for easy cleaning  

- easy to find on/off switch on the front of toy

- designed and made in Germany, this baby is brand new to Canada

- available in four fun colours 

- includes a second interchangeable head

- takes 70 minutes to charge, and boasts a 240 minute play time

- toy is not waterproof, however it is water-resistant for cleaning purposes (make sure you check out the detailed cleaning instructions that come with your toy)  





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